Hawkins Healing Inc.
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Thank you for visiting!  Hawkins Healing is located in Fridley, MN.  We are licensed massage therapists in the city of Fridley, and Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coaches.

Regardless of your age, injury or ailment, you will find comfort in the excellent massage and rehabilitation services offered at Hawkins Healing.  Our goal at Hawkins Healing has always been to assist people dealing with muscular pain, physical injury, or stress relief through effective massage treatments. These treatments are individualized using a variety of techniques specifically designed to enhance optimal results.  We hold ourselves to high standards of ethics and professionalism and value the importance of continuing education.

We are proud to have helped so many people recover from sports injuries, accidents, chronic pain, chronic stress and more, and we look forward to helping you get the most out of your treatments.  With years of experience, we pride ourselves on working hard to make Hawkins Healing the place to rely on for all your massage therapy needs.